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Hi Tension News Archives #1

Hi Tension At The Venue

After a short absence from the scene, London's premier funk band Hi Tension are back, and at The Venue they proved that they are still capable of producing some excellent music.
 The band opened with some hard bass licks, followed by drums, percussion and then keyboards as the guys made their way onto the stage attired in their glittering out-fits.
The opening number soon became their second -"You're My Light" and then "Rainbow".
Hi Tension now took time out to rap with the audience. We were then treated to their fifth new song of the evening, "Take Me Back". Following this came the familiar sounds of "Unspoken".
The crowd were enjoying themselves but so far only a few people were on the floor. However, that was about to change as the band broke into the unmistakeable chant of "Bless The Funk, Bless The Funk" which could only lead to the classic "Hi Tension". The Venue suddenly came alive and the dance floor was a mass of grooving bodies, and it stayed that way until the end of the set.
For "Future In My Galaxy" the tempo was slowed down as David Joseph took the lead vocals on his elevated keyboards while all lights were focussed on him. The pace was up again for "Power And Lighting" from their first album followed by another new tune "Funk In Our Soul". then came Perhaps their finest song, "Peace On Earth". which half way through, featured the highlight of the evening, an excellent solo from the Saxophonist which had the audience cheering and whistling.

Then came some more of the spontaneous choreography which had been going on all through the set. We had now arrived at the penultimate number of the evening which was their second single out "British Hustle" and all to suddenly Hi Tension had left the stage to protest of 'MORE, MORE'. They soon came back on with the aptly titled "We Gotta Go Now" and unfortunately it was true.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening from a band who deserve a lot more recognition than they've been getting

(Ken Morgan)