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The Great British Funk Hopes, having put their house in order, are fired up and raring’ to go with the next phase of their meteoric rise to fame…

Hi Tension British funk boyband

Hi Tension – or as they are often referred to, The People’s Band or, alternatively, The Great British Funk Hope, are emerging from a period of change and reorganisation.


Along with the success of two hit single.  “Hi Tension” and British Hustle” there have been the customary difficulties with which a newly successful band is invariably faced, and being in the spotlight does have its negative side too, as David Joseph is quick to point out.


“Being a successful recording group is fine; after all that’s what we have always aimed at, but with that kind of success comes its own problems.


Even though our audience, fans seem to enjoy our shows, we strive as a band to provide our audiences with nothing short of our very best, “Quite simply I, am looking for perfection from Hi Tension” It seem the band have already brought the desired results, by providing the British fans with a band to be proud of both here and in America!.
To British funk bands, the US market must be the ultimate challenge, and although their home-grown talent provides enormous competition, David maintains an optimistic attitude.

“Sure they’re good- very good in fact –but the whole British funk thing has been growing in America recently and great progress has been made, particularly with Heatwave, and we figure to stand comparison!  Our first single has just been released there and although maybe not destined to be a giant hit, it appears to be causing some waves there, and will hopefully put us in good stead for future releases. www.hitension.com


“We are in fact considering an exploratory trip with the aim for a future US tour. However, it would be beneficial to secure a hit single first!”


And, speaking of hit singles, the group’s third single release is imminent, and will be a cut from their upcoming debut album set for November release. Format as usual? Or maybe a change in style?  “Well, the final decision has not been made. Our producer Alex Sadkin is currently doing final mixes on two tracks – either one which may be the next single. Whatever is selected though will be a change of pace, as they are both ballad items, but I suspect that “Autumn Love” will be the final choice. with “You’re My Girl” (the other candidate) as a possible future single release”. “Autumn love” written by David is in essence a soft, gentle floater and a departure from the two initial single releases to date, and does I feel demonstrate well the bands versatility and desire to diversify a La Commodores, EW&F etc etc.


Hi Tension’s eagerly awaited debut album will also provide a few surprises claims David. Yeah the first album is always important, and we wanted it right.

We took time with every aspect of the album – the songs, the arrangements and the production, which we had a hand in. Both Alex (Sadkin) and Kofi (Aiyor) were very receptive to the ideas and suggestions that we put forward.

“Although perhaps technically we’re inexperienced, we knew what the finished product should sound like, and would not want a re-occurrence of “British Hustle” which although came through for us, was in my opinion a little lightweight.


“The new album is a nice balance with the emphasis on funk, but also contains the two ballad tracks, and the single releases. Single hits are great and a necessary aspect of keeping in the spotlight, but to become an international success, it is vital to achive good album sales – anyway, we’re keeping our fingers crossed”


Crossed fingers aside, the album will, I believe, help to establish HI Tension to a wider audience and consolidate their position with their many funk fans.
Hi Tension are about to embark on a forty date British tour through November and December. The group will take the opportunity during the tour to perform tracks from the album, which incidentally is simply titled, “Hi Tension” and on the subject of song writing which is perhaps the most vital ingredient in continued success and progress along with Jeff (Gishard) , and contributions from the other members.

“Songwriting is basically a God-given gift, but still needs hard work and perseverance to exploit that potential.

This then is where Hi Tension find themselves right now. Successfully emerging from phase one and raring to go. The British public have given us everything we have today, and we aim to repay that confidence and loyalty with interest!”


Nice sentiment from “The People’s Band” We look forward to phase two



(Bob Killbourn) Blues And Soul 1978

edited By Paul P