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  Jeff Guishard Vocal and Percussion, Song Writer

 In 1984 Ken, Leroy and Jeff the remaining members of Hi tension released 'Rat Race' in 1984, and 'You Make Me Happy' (originally recorded by hi tension, written, produced & arranged by David Pic Conley of surface) in 1985. 

Jeff Other Music Projects:

Canto were formed in early 1995. Jeff Guishard percussion and vox, Mike  Tauben keyboards and arranger, and Tony Henry on lead vox.
Jeff,  Mike and Tony met at a Kung Fu club in NW London where Jeff was a  senior instructor. By the time the band was formed both Mike and Tony were also black belts. It was not long before they realised that they all shared a wide and varied taste in music.
Mike Tauben graduated with a music degree and has worked for the BBC and was a member of a1980's group known as the,  "Yes No People" He has played with numerous acts, such as, Light of The World and Ronnie Laws. Mike currently leads the Jazz-Fusion band "MT Hedz", he has also written for various advertisements and tv programs.

Tony Henry, trained as a professional dancer, actor and stuntman and opera singer. Tony has appeared in various West End theatre productions such as Starlight Express, Carmen Jones and Miss Saigon.

Session singer Jane James added a blend of soul-rock, when she joined Canto on singles, "Got to work it out" and "Crazy."
The singles were produced by Gregg Fitzgerald and Canto.
Jeff Guishard continues to write and produce with Mike Tauben and  songwriter/producer, Alex Berger.



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Jeffs Secret Life  

jeff hi tension shaolinJeffrey Guishard:Chief Instructor:
Jeff Guishard began his martial arts training in 1978 with the rest of the Hi Tension studying Shaolin Kung Fu, He began training in full contact Chinese Kick Boxing under Instructor Jimmy Stewart (Finland) His schooling in Shaolin Kung Fu, Buddhist Family Fist Tradition in 1980 - 2007 with Sifu Lee Yoke Wan in NW London. He recieved his black belt in 1983, and also competed in the NPC Kung Fu, National Club Championship in 1983, winning a total of three gold medals. He would not compete for another 25 years. After teaching Kung Fu in Wembley for a number of years, Jeff moved on to teach at the prestigious Imperial College London. He has been teaching at the Imperial College University London since 1992. Tai Chi Chuan training and principles and philosophies is an integral part of Sung Chuan kung fu, serving to cultivate the Internals of the System. Jeff has been studying Tai Chi since 2002 with Instructor Glenn Blythe The Cheng man-Ching Short Form, as taught by Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan is the chosen method. Jeff also studies Tai Chi with Dave Wright.

Jeffrey Guishard is a certified coach of GB Grappling (FILA)