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  • This is Hi Tension Official Website, the real story of the 70s Brit Funk scene, Music, Interviews, Rare Photos, Videos, News. Pioneering British, Brit Funk Band Hi Tension.
  • Hi Tension Official Website Pioneers of Brit funk changed British Soul Rnb Music forever with the dance floor killer Hit, Hi Tension/Britsh Hustle
  • Hi Tension News, Press releases from the 1970s and 1980s
  • Black Music & Jazz Review Magazine June 1978 Is there such a thing as black British soul music? Hi Tension think so. Chris May finds out why... A band with the average age of 20 and whose first release was on most of Britain's heaviest funk jock's playlists within a week
  • Hi Tension – or as they are often referred to, The People’s Band or, alternatively, The Great British Funk Hope, Along with the success of two hit single. “Hi Tension” and British Hustle” there have been the customary difficulties with which a newly successful band is invariably faced, and being in the spotlight does have its negative side too, as David Joseph is quick to point out. “Being a successful recording group is fine; after all that’s what we have always aimed at, but with that kind of success comes its own problems.
  • Note, from the inner sleeve of Hi Tension's, CD
  • Who is Kenneth Anderson Joseph of Hi Tension and how did he get started in his musical career?
  • Hi Tension. Guy Barker (trumpet) and Phil Todd (Saxophone) to play those funky licks of EW&F. I recall we played: ‘That’s The Way of The World,’ ‘Sing a Song’ and ‘Saturday Night’ ‘Shining Star’
  • Paul Phillips pursued a career as a Record Producer. Record Labels Street Sounds, Streetwave, Hardback, MWA, Trax,
  • In 1984 Ken, Leroy and Jeff Hi Tension released 'Rat Race', and 'You Make Me Happy' Jeffrey, Chief Instructor: Jeff Guishard began his martial arts training in 1978
  • "Heatwave"?
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  • A versatile drummer and percussionist, Paapa’s live and studio session has taken him around the world performing at events such as the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL (UK), and Ronnie Laws
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  • Leroy Williams, also played with Level-42, Atmosfear more soon
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  • If you have photos of the band or members, Hi Tension would like to see them, and maybe publish them onto this site.
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